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Income tax preparation is a necessity when tax season comes around. An income tax is when the government collects a percentage of money earned by individuals and businesses throughout the year. The amount you are taxed is based upon which tax bracket you are in. When you file your taxes you are able to determine whether the amount you have been paying monthly is enough to cover your income tax or if you overpaid the government and will receive a tax refund.


What type of income tax are there?
  • Federal Income Tax – Taxes imposed by the federal government determined by a tax rate that increases as income increases. 
  • State Income Tax – State Income Tax is determined by each individual State. You need to pay attention to your tax bracket and the tax rates that your specific State has. 
  • Business Income Tax – If you own a business your company can be set up in different ways and be taxed differently. You’ll need to know how your business is characterized in terms of income tax. 
  • Local Income Tax – While not all cities and counties have income tax on a local level, it’s important to note if you live in a city or county that does have local income tax. These taxes can be used for a wide range of civic services in your area.
Why choose a professional accountant over a tax software?

  • Software – Software used by professional accountants are typically much more advanced that the software sold to everyday consumers. With more advanced software accountants have the ability to automate a lot of the data entry and organization that will help in making sure your taxes are done correctly. 
  • Human Eye – A professional accountant will be able to understand your financial situation and goals unlike a software can. Accountants are able to make valuable suggestions to save you money on your taxes and they can provide you with a personal experience. 
  • Questions – Accountants are available year round to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your taxes and any changes that may come up. When you deal with a person instead of a computer you are far more likely to receive the help you need and the answers you want. 
  • Complicated Taxes – When you have complicated business, personal finance and investment matters that you need to make sure you are covering in your tax filings, it’s much easier to send it to an accountant who knows exactly what to do with it. Tax software is limited in what it offers. Using a professional that is skilled in all matters related to taxes will save you time and frustration and make your tax filings a more straightforward experience. 
  • Business Owner – If you own a business, have employees on your payroll or don’t know your way around all the taxes your business needs to pay, you’ll want someone guiding you through the process to make sure your business is covered on all fronts and you are aware of all of the tax deduction possibilities. Small business tax preparation can save your business time and money when it’s handled by an accountant that is trained in everything your business needs come tax season. 
  • Investments – Depending on the type of investments you make and the accounts that your investments sit in, you could have taxable accounts that you aren’t even cognizant of. With many ways to invest and a huge array of accounts to have your investments in, a professional will be able to sort through everything for you to ensure your accounts are secure in the realm of taxes.

Why hire MC Tax Prep for your income tax prep?

Here at MC Tax Prep we are professionals that care about the integrity of your taxes. We are located in Arizona and offer Personal Income Tax Preparation, Small-Business Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping. We make sure that your information is recorded and filed correctly so you never have to worry whether or not you are paying the right amount in taxes and if your books are accurate. Let us help you with your income tax prep needs. Contact us today to get started.